S’more Charcuterie Board - Dreaming of Homemaking


Are you wanting to have s'mores, but want something original? It is time for a s'more charcuterie board! Let me show you how I make ours!


  1. Posted by kamrinshea, — Reply

    Wow... Didn't think a rich person could fancy up the traditional country-kid s'more but heck! Somehow they managed it! 😝😂😉 Unfortunately it looks amazing! 😂

  2. Posted by auttysmum, — Reply

    Brittany thank you I wanted to comment just because they missed that clever opportunity! You are elite

  3. Posted by bacoopsta, — Reply

    It's a "s'more"gasbord

  4. Posted by sunflowergardensupply, — Reply

    I want to dig in

  5. Posted by bwspots, — Reply

    Love ❤️

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