Relaxing Slime Videos For Sleep - [ASMR] #1


Relaxing Slime Videos For Sleep - [ASMR] #1 Grab Your Slime Making Kit Here: Follow Us For More Satisfying And Relaxing Videos : http...


  1. Posted by QwertyNeedsHelp, — Reply

    That person is wasting their makeup cuz once they do it they will play with it for like five minutes then it will end up in the TRASH.

  2. Posted by Pintowin74190, — Reply

    That makeup better be cheap. 💄I really don't get why you have to use makeup for slime. Makeup is clearly not supposed to be used for slime. And the colour is ridiculous at the end.

  3. Posted by lillyrbowman, — Reply

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  4. Posted by fireruby1, — Reply

    I hate that people do this. SO MUCH MONEY is being wasted 😂like what the heck? YES it’s pretty but WHYYYY

  5. Posted by emmersoncrist, — Reply

    I get that they can do what they want and it’s their money, but you shouldn’t waste that much makeup

  6. Posted by asmrobbsessed, — Reply

    now this is wut imma talking about! a lot of ppl say they have makeup in their slime!

  7. Posted by manuellawoicizack, — Reply

    Só quem não tem dinheiro pra comprar maquiagens, sente dor ao ver isso..

  8. Posted by luxuriousembery, — Reply

    Eww that is so stupid and dumb I’m a little girl and I got makeup and I don’t waste it

  9. Posted by maguadalupe319carpio, — Reply

    Que onda con esto porque destrullo esa paleta de maquillaje tan hermosa

  10. Posted by dancemomsfanpage, — Reply

    Ew imagine the color of that slime once it’s all mixed in 🤮

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