Instant Pot French Onion Meatloaf


Looking for a comforting meal for the whole family? French Onion Meatloaf adds a flavorful kick to any dinner! Made entirely in the Instant Pot, this easy-to-make meatloaf is done and on the table in an hour and a half. Bursting with French onion flavors, the meatloaf is topped with Gruyere Onion Gravy.


  1. Posted by pcutrone, — Reply

    This was insanely delicious. Definitely a lot of work for an IP meal, but 100% worth it. Might be my favorite IP recipe yet. Bravo to the creator!

  2. Posted by findlay3395, — Reply

    This was amazing! I used Swiss cheese since that’s all I had and it definitely added a subtle layer of flavor. My husband prefers “regular” (plainer) meatloaf but this, for me, was a true taste treat!

  3. Posted by kengertner, — Reply

    Dear Julie, This is wonderful, everyone wants you to eat ketchup and sugar, I almost died from pancreatitis, caused by a bad gall bladder and can't eat sugary things, I'm extremely diabetic, can't produce insulin, so this is more like I make, by the way if you want a tomatoy flavor try Italian or Mexican tomato sauces they taste great, and can still be made in an instant pot. Thank you

  4. Posted by MrsNickCharles, — Reply

    This looks like it would be wonderful. But trying to read the recipe with all the ads made it frustrating.

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