Escenarios (Bakugou Katsuki x Lectora) One-Shots


Aquí podrán ver algunos escenarios en los que Bakugou estuviera flechado por la heromosha Rayis UwU 💥Pueden hacerme sus peticiones de que escenarios les gusta...


  1. Posted by katiechanthegacha, — Reply

    This design is great I especially like the jacket if I can I'll show a picture

  2. Posted by sgorginfar, — Reply

    Can someone please tell me how u do the little thing that makes the shirt lift?

  3. Posted by leigalman, — Reply

    I don't know why but when I first saw this, Do Bong soon came to my mind first 🤧✊🏻

  4. Posted by camilalmaz, — Reply

    This design is cool, I especially like the jacket, if I can I will show a picture

  5. Posted by DerpyDonutz, — Reply

    Me just noticing I could make this outfit in real life-

  6. Posted by quarantineisdrivingmecrazzy, — Reply

    Is nobody gonna talk about the title/caption of the picture?

  7. Posted by 26lillyran, — Reply

    boom boy

  8. Posted by Alexa187297, — Reply

    yeah… its pretty cool!

  9. Posted by sun4709, — Reply

    Il est très mignon

  10. Posted by aniellyrocha14, — Reply


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