Baked Garlic Potato Slices


This is one of those fun dishes to make with potatoes. Think of it as an alternative to french fries. In this recipe, potatoes are cooke...


  1. Posted by laceyskiles, — Reply

    Pretty good overall. I told my kids they were kind of like chipsban they demolished the ones on their plates as well as some on mineban my husbands. Will make again soon. I'll probably just add some more herbs an spices.

  2. Posted by hmteel, — Reply

    Was excited to try this but no matter how I try to open the directions there is a small add with no way to close right in the middle of them. Very frustrating so no go.

  3. Posted by dawnerickson16, — Reply

    Need more details and directions. Probably make thicker and bake in a single layer to make them look like the picture.

  4. Posted by katielynjmiller, — Reply

    These were the star of the meal. I ended up using parsley and basil on them. Very delicious!

  5. Posted by playstation2079, — Reply

    Really good! Will definitely be making this again.

  6. Posted by jeannemay1944, — Reply

    Can’t read because of ad. Will not follow Nicole.

  7. Posted by mendonca88, — Reply

    January 4,2017 Megan liked it. Melissa did not.

  8. Posted by Alexandria_Orme, — Reply

    Great with steak

  9. Posted by gerryholinski, — Reply

    Looks yummy.

  10. Posted by chrishos44, — Reply


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