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  1. Posted by UnwantedAnxiety, — Reply

    My cat needs one of these for night time, he is very insistent on jumping on my shoulder and getting a ride to my room. This is all fine during the day but you can imagine my fear when a small figure plunges towards me from the great abyss and I want to yeet him into a 4th dimension

  2. Posted by lili7203767, — Reply

    I love it when men are kind to animals😌

  3. Posted by blackfiles8, — Reply

    construction workers: befriends and cares for black cat me: “THE STEREOTYPES ARE NO MORE!”

  4. Posted by reundead, — Reply

    The cat is their foreman

  5. Posted by breezyoceanrose, — Reply

    Awww how thoughtful and sweet. Give your new buddy some treats, lol.

  6. Posted by seamaide, — Reply

    It fits her like a glove! Very stylish.

  7. Posted by dany7481, — Reply

    Their kitty coworker is so committed to the job, I love it 😻

  8. Posted by kayray10508, — Reply

    Thats soooooo cute

  9. Posted by lauranodashi, — Reply

    *everyone liked that*

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