Almond Flour Bread That Beats Regular Bread Any Day


It is estimated that about 1% of the population in Western countries is diagnosed with celiac disease, a condition triggered by the consumption of gluten...


  1. Posted by hansen3268, — Reply

    I really do wish actual pictures of the finished product had to be included with the recipe . It has got to the stage where l will only try something with an accompanying video or read the comments first . A lot of recipes on this site have a beautiful cover photo and look nothing like the end result . Why ????

  2. Posted by karendeuschle, — Reply

    made this today and the flavor/texture are good but it looks nothing like the photo. there was little to no rise to the dough after it went into the pan. doubt that i'll make it again

  3. Posted by vamarasma, — Reply

    The reason that people are having problems with the bread not rising, is because it needs at least 1 teaspoon of baking powder NOT baking soda. Baking soda makes no sense with this recipe because there's nothing acidic in the recipe to cause a reaction to make it rise.

  4. Posted by hartley3055, — Reply

    The bread in the photo looks like yeast white bread. Can you put a photo of the actual recipe bread. Thanks

  5. Posted by sharonhinterlon, — Reply

    Mine turned out exactly like Karen’s with no rise to the dough. It looked nothing like the picture.

  6. Posted by butterflylo0565, — Reply

    Delicious!! I will be lucky if I get a pic when it is done. Be making this often.

  7. Posted by valorievalora, — Reply

    Photo is clearly wheat bread

  8. Posted by matilda_swope, — Reply

    I find the recipes incomplete.

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