9 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today


Here's what happened today!


  1. Posted by aamnayaser, — Reply

    This makes me so happy ❤️

  2. Posted by gpwawrow, — Reply

    Can we talk about how the girls haven’t aged at all haha

  3. Posted by reauna04, — Reply

    they all look like new parents this is insane

  4. Posted by f12tiannaa, — Reply

    bro fez literally looks exactly like my brother i thought i was tripping or something😭

  5. Posted by madisonstickdor, — Reply

    The same old thing, we did last week. Not a thing to do, but talk to you...

  6. Posted by secretstooinfinity, — Reply

    I’m just going to say it, Eric got hot. Like super hot in my opinion 🥵

  7. Posted by heidi_nu_ro, — Reply

    This makes me wanna cry and smile at the same time

  8. Posted by hahafuckit, — Reply

    The guy who played Fez (idk his name) looks like Skeet Ulrich

  9. Posted by Punyuni, — Reply

    Is anyone else feeling weird?

  10. Posted by cade6340, — Reply

    My god I used to love this show.

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