51 Funny Pics and Memes to Help Slay Your Boredom


Goof off at work and give yourself a break and browse some freshly collected memes.


  1. Posted by iamdinkerdan, — Reply

    Holy- I thought it said “Managers” instead of magnets and for a sec I thought the kid either wanted to please Karen or just really wanted to play matchmaker

  2. Posted by LostontheM00n, — Reply

    I relate to this on a spiritual level cuz I owned numerous magnetix sets when I was a kid

  3. Posted by kassieblankenship7, — Reply

    Anyone notice this is from big time rush

  4. Posted by Abigailabigailabigail, — Reply

    Does anyone have this as a blank picture??? I wanna make my own memes lol

  5. Posted by Neriahmorales, — Reply

    Omg this is still me 😂

  6. Posted by shaneeceprince, — Reply

    Oh oh ohhh ohhhhhhhh

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