29 Of The BEST Crafts For Kids To Make (projects for boys & girls!)


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    Please do not do with any kitchen tools or tins. Melting plastic creates carcinogenic fumes. Once cool the art is fine, but make the process safe for everyone.

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    Ya I did this once, they didn’t turn out smooth or that pretty. All they did was make a terrible smell and burn my cupcake pans -.-

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    We do them big and then fold them over pans that have the waves in them but dont use the pans afterward and be careful

  4. Posted by savannahrh, — Reply

    The completely clear beads melted fine. The beads with iridescent sheen did not. They just got weirdly gummy.

  5. Posted by M3owM3owM3ow, — Reply

    Definitely do this one outside... we did it in the oven and it stank up the house 🤮

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    Kids projects

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    very nice.

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